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Student art contest puts ocean pollution in spotlight

At first glance, the painting appears to show a classic scene from nature: a bird leaning over a nest to feed its hungry chicks. But look closer, and you’ll see the food being offered is a plastic-bottle cap. The image, created by Mike Wang, a high school student from Massachusetts in the US, forms part… Read More

Tourist boat crashes into pier at Canary Wharf

A luxury Thames pleasure cruiser smashed into a pier at Canary Wharf recently after a fire started in its engine room. According to the Daily Telegraph, all 142 passengers on the Erasmus, a 300-tonne vessel, were evacuated from the boat. The police confirmed there were no serious injuries. The boat was seen colliding headfirst with… Read More

Thames ship discount for environmental high performers

The Port of London is set to become the first UK port to recognise ship owners committed to progressively improve the environmental performance, as part of a wider approach to reduce the port’s environmental impact. It is to introduce a discount on port charges for vessels with lower emissions that meet an Environmental Shipping Index (ESI)… Read More

Environment Agency river report acknowledges funding pressure

The Environment Agency has acknowledged that budget restrictions are affecting its operations on the River Thames including plans for an online boat registration service. According to the Autumn issue of the Thames Guardian, in the River Thames Operation Annual Report for the year to March 2016., the EA said that although “a compelling business case”… Read More

Rising demand for bottled water tough on #One Less campaign

Growing demand for plastic bottled water is expected to help Europe’s food and beverage firms to offset declining growth in sugary drinks reports City AM. The daily financial newspaper quotes a new report from Moody’s Investors Service. Big drinks companies like Nestle, Danon and Coca-Cola are most likely to benefit from aware consumers who now… Read More

Rose Theatre exhibition, hard by The Thames

  Go see The Rose Theatre Exhibition at 56 Park St, SE1 9AR, in Southwark near the Thames and its sister, the Globe Theatre. The remains of the Rose has been subject of archaeological work for many years and it now puts on events of all sorts, including Shakespeare’s The Tempest from 18 October to… Read More

Use Charitable Bookings website and donate to TEP

Members of the Thames Estuary Partnership are asked to use the Charitable Bookings website to book tables for a night out in a pub or restaurant. Plus they need to nominate the Thames Estuary Partnership to receive a charitable donation. Book though Charitable Bookings and for every diner the nominated restaurant will give £1 for the… Read More

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