eXXpedition Cruise 2017

On 7th August 2017 eXXpeditionRoundBritian  will set off with a crew of 14 women from Plymouth around Britain and back to Plymouth on 4th September. 

The cruise mission is researching plastics and toxic pollution in our seas, raising awareness and creating maximum publicity concerning the  marine plastic pollution crisis, through contacts with politicians and media, and through creative workshops and citizen science work with holiday makers, schools, campaigning groups and residents throughout the voyage. Kim Ferran of TEP will be participating in the 1st leg of the cruise mission starting in Plymouth on August 7th and finishing in Arran on August 17th.

Kim has a background in Marine Biology and Coastal Zone Management with extensive graduate education and field experience in marine ecology and environmental education. She has taught marine biology and ecology to high school and university students for many years. 

Kim is currently working for the Thames Estuary Partnership (TEP) as their Marine Litter Coordinator.  TEP is part of the Coastal Partnerships Network (CPN) and the Marine CoLABoration working to help people reconnect to and value the ocean. Kim’s role involves liaising with a wide range of academic, regulatory and charitable organisations in the monitoring of plastic litter in the Thames. One of her key priorities is delivery of TEP’s role in the Marine CoLABoration’s #OneLess campaign’ to stop the flow of plastics pollution to the ocean by making London less reliant on single-use plastic water bottles and spreading the refill revolution in London.

Kim is passionate about motivating the next generation of women to become scientists and in order to encourage this is coordinating an education and outreach project for her time on eXXpedition. This includes live streaming and video blogs so that student groups can experience a virtual scientific cruise. Student groups following the cruise online will also be able to join the ship in port to participate in beach cleans and experience science first hand in the field. 

Kim hopes you consider donating at her GoFundMe Page

More information can be found at the eXXpedition website