Habitat and Species Audit

Thames Estuary Habitat and Species Audit
The tidal Thames is an environment where saltwater meets freshwater providing a habitat where a wide range of species can thrive. To provide an accurate assessment of this habitat, The Thames Estuary Partnership commissioned an audit recording the different habitats and species found in the tidal Thames. The Habitat and Species Audit covers the Thames area from Teddington to the outer estuary.

More information on The Habitat and Species Audit:

Introduction (1.05 MB)

Riverbed & Riverbank Habitats (1.35 MB)

Riverine & Floodplain (1.55 MB)

Habitat Distribution (508.45 kB)

Artificial Habitats (1.65 MB)

Higher Plants (2.28 MB)

Terrestrial (2.41 MB)

Birds (4.59 MB)