Book: ‘The Tidal Thames: Current State of the Estuary’

The Thames Estuary Partnership, UCL and HR Wallingford are seeking authors to contribute towards the provisional chapters of an upcoming book publication: Tidal Thames: The Current State of the Estuary.

We are looking for expert contributors to act as: (i) lead authors for individual chapters, (ii.) supporting authors and (iii.) potential reviewers.

The provisional chapter titles are listed below, each supporting a different theme relevant to the tidal River Thames and its estuary. Topics include the river’s geomorphic, ecological and physicochemical status; alongside regulatory, economic and heritage issues.



1. Introduction: The Thames in a UK and Global Context

2. Key Evolutionary Changes to Licencing and Management on the Tidal Thames: Perceptions and Realities

3. Flood and Coastal Defences on the Tidal Thames and Readiness for Climate Change

4. International Significance of the Thames Intertidal Areas  

5. Response of Estuarine Benthic Ecology to Dredging in the Thames

6. Tidal Thames Fish Populations and Pressures

7. Tidal Thames Water Quality: Past, Present, Future and Drivers

8.Thames Sediment Transport & Driving Forces: Functioning of a Temperate Macrotidal Estuary

9. Sustainable Dredging and the Thames Estuary

10. Commerce of a Major Industrialised Estuary

11. Thames Estuary and Society

12. Synopsis


If you are interested in contributing as either a (i.) lead author for individual chapters, (ii.) supporting author or (iii.) potential reviewer for any of the chapter titles listed, please complete and submit the following form:

Form for Tidal Thames Chapter Authors