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PLA CEO Robin Mortimer becomes a TEP Fellow at our Summer Network event in the House of Commons.


The Thames Estuary Partnership provides support and evidence-based research to member organisations that are active along the tidal Thames. We offer a neutral forum to explore ideas, plan initiatives, and engage with local communities. As a member, we connect you with the key local decision-makers to help your organisation achieve its objectives.

Whether your interest is in leisure, environment, industry, tourism, policy, heritage, or developments planned for the river and riverside – TEP membership can offer you the opportunity to meet with the key influencers in the Thames estuary.

What does TEP do?

The Thames Estuary Partnership is an independent charity which exists to improve shared understanding of the river’s needs amongst key stakeholders like you.  It brings together port and local authorities, riverside developers, leisure users, charities and other user groups and agencies to maximise the social, economic and environmental benefits for the tidal Thames. 

The Thames Estuary Partnership region runs through the most densely populated city in Europe and some of the UK’s most extensive marine and coastal protected areas. The Partnership both provides a forum for debate in its regular networking events and action groups, but also independently runs projects to support stakeholders on corporate social responsibility-related issues.

We develop a wide range of projects relating to flooding, green and blue infrastructure, environmental enhancement, data, recreational water use, industry, pollution, education and skills, maritime or archaeological heritage and seascapes of particular appeal to our stakeholders. At the Thames Estuary Partnership, you could for example meet the Environment Agency and local residents to talk about flooding, London Port Authority and marine businesses about river transport, or developers and local businesses about ecological impact.

In this way TEP delivers a working framework for sustainable management of the Thames. Find out more about our work.

How we can help you


  • Strategic planning & community engagement
  • Helping you with independent data collection & evidence
  • Supporting debate & local consensus

Local authorities

  • Offering a natural forum to support statutory functions
  • Peer guidance on adjoining marine & land planning issues


  • Helping you to meet corporate social responsibility objectives
  • Advising on environmental challenges
  • Partnering in innovation & research projects
  • Sharing your plans with the local community
  • Building strategic links with government agencies & universities
  • Creating opportunities for commercial business development

User groups & charities

  • Inviting you to join an open platform with decision-makers
  • Helping you receive strategic information efficiently
  • Identifying suitable local partners for your own projects

Our Services

Publicity & communication

  • Opportunities to speak to hard-to-reach audiences
  • Brand-building at our prestige Annual Forum & Summer events
  • Broader programme of events covering wide-ranging river issues
  • Advertising & editorial opportunities on our website and e-news
  • Your stories featuring in our Talk of the Thames

Consultancy & project management

  • Project convening & leadership on a wide range of topics
  • Active search for potential new project partners

Community engagement

  • Helping you to reach 4,000 engaged local stakeholders
  • Early involvement in research projects of mutual benefit
  • Hold events on the Thames (walks, archaeological history, nature talks) with opportunities to volunteer 

Research projects

  • Access to the latest research information before it goes public
  • Opportunities to work with expert research partners, including our close partnership with University College London
  • Commission your own research
  • Collaborate on bids for public and private funding


Membership categories

1, Basic Business: £175

2, Basic Charity/public sector: £85

3, Volunteer Organisations: £45

4, Individual: £45


If you are interested in becoming a corporate partner, please click here for more information. 



If you are interested in becoming a member please get in touch via phone 020 7679 8855 or email


Apply today to be part of an effective conduit for the Thames and its estuary.