A Potential Boating Skills Academy


A group of four students from a university in the United States are conducting a feasibility study concerning the regeneration of the island Lot’s Ait, located at the junction of the Grand Union Canal and the River Thames in Brentford.


The abandoned building on the island would be regenerated to be used for both a boating skills academy and for watersports skills training. The skills academy would teach basic boating repair and maintenance skills and may be sponsored by the boating repair business on the island, John’s Boat Works.


Lot’s Ait
Abandoned Building










In addition, a pontoon located at the St. George Kew Bridge Development would be relocated to Lot’s Ait for the watersports to launch from. Currently there are multiple parties in negotiation with St. George Property Developers, the owner of the pontoon, to move or relocate the pontoon from its current location but little progress has been made thus far. The feasibility of the project is reliant on the ability to move the pontoon.


The project team have created a survey to determine the level of boating skills of residents in and around London, and to gage the interest in an academy. We would greatly appreciate it if you take a few minutes to complete this survey in order to help them regenerate the island. The survey link is as follows: http://bit.ly/2nUWXdM