Cleaner Air

Peter Yates


With the central London Low Emissions Zone now well-established – targeting diesel engines in particular (and not wood-burners after all, apparently) and the advent of Heathrow’s third runway causing major air-pollution concerns, one might well be excused for thinking that ships on the Thames had slipped under the radar, so to speak.


That has now changed. The Port of London Authority is to offer a discount on port charges for vessels with lower emissions that meet an Environmental Shipping Index (ESI) score of 30, or above. That is good news for those Thames-side dwellers increasingly worried about the quality of London’s air and demonstrates that the PLA is taking its environmental responsibilities very seriously.


This new initiative sees the Authority keen to recognise those ship owners committed to improving their environmental performance as well as showing that the port’s environmental impact is high on the agenda. And that’s a breath of fresh air for all those hoping for a greener London.


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