Coastal and Marine Habitat Creation Website Upgrade

ABPMer, a leading marine consultancy, has recently relaunched its database of completed coastal habitat creation schemes and other adaption projects.

You can search for, view and download completed schemes, case studies, white papers and conference outputs by keyword or vis the map.  You can also add to the database to contribute to this centre of knowledge-sharing.

Colin Scott, habitat creation specialist at ABPmer said, “The Online Marine Register (OMReg) was first launched in 2005 as a central collection point for coastal managed realignment schemes in Northwest Europe. Since that time it has grown to encompass other techniques and currently holds over 160 completed schemes.

“We have listened to users and increased the functionality of the website.  You can still find all the information you depended on before. It is just easier and faster to do so with the added advantage that anyone can add a scheme located anywhere in the world.”


The schemes are mainly in the UK and northwest Europe but its reach is gradually spreading and includes some schemes on the Thames Estuary such as the work at Salt Fleet Flats Reserve. This was  undertaken by Dubai Ports World in 2016 primarily as compensation for London Gateway but also to offset coastal squeeze effects.  A 700m long section of sea wall was removed to flood the hinterland area.  This created three new habitats covering 65 hectares comprising mudflat, saltmarsh and traditional grassland. 


ABPmer pride themselves on being known for their knowledge of the marine environment, technical ability and emphasis on service excellence.


External Sources

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