Plastic Ocean Festival

TEP Seminars – In Touch with the Thames

TEP organises these hour long In touch with the Thames seminars, held at University College London (UCL. They are of interest for anyone who has an interest in the Thames, as well as for UCL staff and students.

There is much to find out – issues to dowith the tidal Thames, its estuary, flood-plains, tributaries, fisheries, communities, commerce and development. Speakers will highlight the work and research around the Thames.

The lectures are intended to stimulate conversation and the sharing of new approaches to understanding, managing or enjoying the river’s urban and rural hinterland and riparian and maritime landscapes in the south-east.

Each talk will be followed by a chance to discuss and meet others over a glass of wine.

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Date(s) - 22/04/2017
2:00 pm - 5:15 pm

Paddington Central


Plastic pollution is a growing threat around the world: it threatens the health of rivers, lakes and oceans, marine life, and eventually human life as fish and marine creatures ingest plastic and toxic chemicals through the food chain. 


The aim is to promote awareness and understanding of the damaging effects of plastic pollution in waterways and oceans and encourage individual and group action to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic, starting at home in London.


The Plastic Ocean Festival will showcase a series of events from April to September 2017 in London incorporating film screenings of A Plastic Ocean documentary, marine and riverine clean-ups, stand up paddle boarding, and educational talks by scientists. The screenings are free and the ‘Paddle & Pick’ is an optional activity taking place after the showings. See here for more information.


A Plastic Ocean is an epic global adventure following a documentary film maker and a world record free-diver as they travel the Earth discovering the shocking impact plastic is having on our oceans and the marine animals that live there. They investigate how our addiction to plastic is impacting the food chain and how our use and inappropriate disposal of this material may be affecting our health and wellbeing.

Watch the trailer for ‘A Plastic Ocean’ below.


For more details about the festival and the events, please visit