Going Dutch

Peter Yates


So – quiz question for you: when was the last time this country was successfully invaded? Don’t know? Answer: 1667. By whom? The Dutch.



Fully armed warships from Holland sailed up the Thames, into the Medway, and along to Chatham dockyard where they set fire to and sank several mothballed English warships capturing and towing away a couple of navy vessels into the bargain – HMS Unity and, the flagship of the English fleet, HMS Royal Charles. A tad humiliating to say the least and it precipitated the end of the second Anglo-Dutch war via a peace treaty that gave very favourable terms to our neighbours from The Low Countries.


2017, then, will be the 350th anniversary of this momentous incident – one, perhaps, we wouldn’t want to be reminded of…? Not a bit of it. June 8th – 18th will see a high profile event on the Medway and in the Chatham dockyard with Royalty participating, modern warships on view, exhibitions, activities and a spectacular firework display – Medway in Flames.


Will the Dutch be welcome? Of course – but they will be asked to leave their cutlasses at the door.



Further info @: http://www.visitmedway.org/battle-of-medway