Greater Thames Estuary Fish Migration Roadmap – First Phase Completed

Thames Estuary Partnership (TEP) has completed the first phase  of an exciting new project that brings together, for the first time, all the relevant data to improve fish migration routes and habitat in the greater Thames estuary.

TEP is partnering in this groundbreaking work with the Environment Agency, the Institute of Fisheries Management, the Zoological Society of London and Dutch consultancy Nature at Work


The project will be delivered in two phases and the first has been completed. Existing known data sets were collated and mapped in the first stage and the approach and data challenges were checked at a technical stakeholder workshop in March. This initial analysis highlighted problems within the existing data sets, which required investigation and standardisation in order to assemble a definitive barrier data set for the study area.


This has laid the foundations for Phase 2 and over the next 12 months we will build on the work completed to date. We will be engaging with relevant stakeholders from across the region – between Felixstowe in the east and Dover in the south and up to 30km upstream of tidal extents on the Thames tributaries and freshwater Thames. Through a series of regional workshops, we will engage with Catchment Partnerships, Environment Agency teams, local organisations, communities and industry to gather more data, share knowledge and build a prioritisation protocol.


At the same time, we will gather case studies of fish passage and habitat restoration stories to celebrate successes and build appetite for more work on fish migration, building relationships across freshwater and marine boundaries.


To find out more about this project and to see the fish migration roadmap in development, click here.