Infrastructure Innovation Platform Enables Collaboration

The Infrastructure Industry Innovation Platform (i3P) is an innovative new platform that allows the brightest minds in infrastructure to collaborate to deliver infrastructure for the future, reports Natasha Levanti in Infrastructure Intelligence.

Composed of seven clients and 14 tier one contractors or consultants, iP3 aims to showcase and capitalise on innovations from throughout the supply chain.

The idea is to make procurement easier by de-risking the selection of innovative practises through this neutral broker, facilitating collective knowledge.



By fostering a truly collaborative culture of innovation across both infrastructure clients and their supply chains, i3P is creating a ‘safe space’ to identify areas for potential industry improvement, share ideas, and enable members to partner in projects that drive increased value across the infrastructure industry.


An online innovation portal, hosted on the i3P website is accessible by the staff of all member organisations and facilitates the sharing of innovation.

The portal enables members to upload and download content, provides a trusted collaborative space and a ‘toolkit’ and connects members from different organisations to share expertise and ideas. 

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