Integrated Approach to Managing Water at Nine Elms

The Arup Global Water Annual Review 2016/17 includes a case study of an integrated approach to managing water at Nine Elms in London.

New mixed-use development at Nine Elms is planned to ultimately deliver 21,000 homes and 25,000 new jobs. The Nine Elms Partnership briefed Arup to develop ways to manage water in an integrated approach so that existing infrastructure would be sufficient to serve the increased demand. 

According to Arup, the strategy adopted integrates sustainable urban drainage (SUDS) measures with water reuse and surface water management measures; it balances water supply and demand by using rainwater, stormwater and recycled “greywater” for toilet flushing, washing machines and landscape irrigation. This strategy has reduced infrastructure reinforcement requirements to date, with consequent reduction in construction costs and helped the project achieve higher environmental standards. 

For more information see Global Water Annual Review 2016/17