Labour Launches Campaign on Coastal Communities

To revive jobs, industry and local economies, the Labour Party has launched an initiative that involves working with businesses and local economies in British seaside towns.

Jeremy Corbyn and Shadow Minister for Coastal Communities Holly Lynch have embarked on a series of visits to Britain’s coastal communities to meet civic and business leaders in order to develop plans to support the coastal economy, which they feel should be more sustainable in the future than it currently is under the Tories.


The Coastal Communities Consultation not only involves Corbyn and other party members visiting coastal areas to gain input on how locals feel coastal economies can thrive post-Brexit, but also invites other coastal residents, consumers, and industry or environmental experts to participate in an online survey by 31 January. The survey will capture their views on: the current level of support from the government; the current challenges and concerns for the future; the kind of support they would like to see.


To take part in the Coastal Communities Survey, click here


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