London Flood Awareness Week, 12-18 November

Help reach vulnerable people to let them know about the resources available to help them prepare for and cope with flooding.


Purpose of the campaign

London Flood Awareness Week 2018 is a campaign is run by a partnership of the Mayor of London, London Resilience, the Environment Agency and Thames Water. It’s a key commitment in the London Environment Strategy and the aims are to:

  • raise awareness of all types flood risk in London, but particularly amongst those most vulnerable to flood impacts
  • encourage individuals and communities (with a focus not only on those most at risk, but also those most vulnerable to the impacts of flooding) to take action before, during and after any period of flooding

The partnership alone cannot reach all of the target audience. It needs your help to spread the word, both online and offline to reach our intended target audience.


Target audience

The campaign aims to reach individuals and community groups such as:

  • transient population (e.g. recent immigrants that are non-native English speakers, student population, private renters, etc.)
  • people living in properties at greatest risk of flooding (e.g. basement and ground floor dwellings)
  • those with chronic or severe illness (e.g. Alzheimer’s sufferers, mental illness, those with limited mobility, etc.)
  • people with low incomes (e.g. those without contents insurance)
  • the very young and the elderly

Many members of these groups will be digitally excluded and so cannot be reached easily through social media.


How you can be involved

You can support the campaign by sharing the online and offline resources, carrying out some of the actions in red below.


Social media


The primary account tweeting about London Flood Awareness Week will be @LDN_Prepared. 


  • #LDNFloodAware (please use this for all London Flood Awareness Week tweets)
  • #JustOneThing (an Environment Agency hashtag for promoting the important and precious items that people would pack in their flood kits)


Please retweet @LDN_Prepared tweets, or create your own using the hashtags and weblinks above.


We will be placing facebook ads to drive web traffic to the webapp.


Online resources


London Resilience has created a webpage ( containing a comprehensive list of resources for people to be able to prepare for and cope with flooding.


We have created a buzzfeed-style questionnaire ( that challenges Londoners to think about what they would do during a range of flooding situations. It encourages Londoners to sign up to an email list for further information.

Please share the link to this webapp via social media.

Flood victims video

We have created a video of interviews with three flood victims and the Deputy Mayor for Environment & Energy. We can provide the YouTube link and the raw video file.

Please share the video via social media and screen it on your office TVs (e.g. in reception areas).


Offline resources

We have developed several print resources (See attached pdfs), with the primary aim of reaching the digitally excluded. 

We will be bundling an A5 leaflet, an A4 poster and a blank A4 Environment Agency flood plan in clear document wallets to create a flood pack. 

We are also able to distribute up to two A3 posters per organisation to put up at events.

Please email to place an order for flood packs and/or A3 posters, letting her know the number required and the postal address to send them to.

We have created a set of Powerpoint slides that can be shown during intervals at events.

Please think about events where you might be able to display the Powerpoint slides.


External Sources

London.Gov.UK: Flood Awareness Week