Radnor Bridge – a new Thames crossing for Twickenham & Ham?

The proposal, back in 2010, that there should be a pedestrian and cycle crossing at Radnor Gardens, close by Cross Deep road in Twickenham to link to Ham on the other side of the river, is beginning to make traction. There are plans to firm up designs for the bridge and to consider ways to fund it.

Strawberry Hill  is on the west side of the Thames in Middlesex. Ham, famous for the National Trust’s Ham House, is on the Surrey side. Radnor Gardens is a convenient open space just north of Strawberry Hill.

The two areas, Strawberry Hill and Ham, are only 100 metres apart, divided by the Thames. Both communities are pleasant residential areas enhanced by their proximity to the river and many people think a foot bridge would be an advantage to all, locals and tourists alike.

Ham has no train station so its locals could benefit by walking across Radnor Bridge to the station at Strawberry Hill.

Two residents Mark Wing, a creative strategist, and Richard Woolf, an architect, had an idea over breakfast a few years ago to connect two communities in west London with a foot bridge. In Joanna Lumley mode, they want to see the bridge built. They both attended the Thames River Crossings Conference at the Museum of London in May 2017 to promote Radnor Bridge.

The bridge idea was first launched at The Barefoot Consultation in 2010. Since then a white paper has been presented at Imperial College, London as part of Footbridge 2014.

Helping the odds of the bridge being built, is the fact that more transport is needed in the vicinity with recent residential development in Ham, and the proposed development by St Mary’s University in Twickenham.

The Radnor Bridge location has been chosen for a number of reasons:

  1. The topology of both sides of the river means that only a modest rise of 2 metres is needed, so making the bridge accessible for cyclists, wheelchairs and buggies.
  2. The bridge fits well with the local landscape.
  3. It is midway between two existing bridges and will not challenge access via Hammerton Ferry.
  4. It would connect Ham House and Strawberry Hill House for visitors.
  5. If there was a bridge Strawberry Hill would become the nearest station for Ham residents.

The next steps include:

  • Further speaking opportunities such as a follow up talk at Footbridge 2017 in Berlin. This conference occurs every three years.
  • Progressing ideas on the bridge design.
  • Considering ways to raise finance to move the project forward.

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