Man on Floating Bike Tackles Thames Plastic Pollution

One man has come up with his own solution for dealing with plastic litter left floating in the Thames. Entrepreneur Dhruv Boruah set of on September 18 on  his water bike, from the Thames source in Gloucestershire to Tower Bridge, collecting rubbish in a one-man mission to clean up the waterway.


Explaining why he took on the challenge he said: ‘I got worried about its scale since I began sailing and recently while visiting the sewers of London with Thames Water.  One of his main aims was to point out how much the Thames needs a bottle deposit scheme which Government is now considering.


 His water bike will be on display at Thames Estuary Partnership’s (TEP’s) Annual Forum on 16 November. TEP’s  #One Less campaign, launched in 2016, is working to reduce the number of single-use plastic water bottles used in London from entering and polluting the ocean.


Dhruv Boruah (@dhruvboruah) | Twitter