MOLA welcomes new CEO


Janet Miller, an Archaeologist has been appointed CEO for MOLA. 

“Archaeology can help us understand modern society on several levels. It is a fabulously broad topic – embracing Science, the Humanities and the Arts. It can provide a route into any of these domains for all generations. Also, when one looks at the past, the way people lived and worked holds a mirror up to the way we live in the contemporary world.” – Janet Miller

Janet will join MOLA from Atkins where her current role is Director of Cities and Development and she will succeed Taryn Nixon, who after 19 years of dedicated leadership of MOLA is standing down.

In addition to her responsibilities as the UK Lead Director for strategy, business development and external positioning within the Cities and Development market, Janet has served as the Director of the “Future Proofing Cities” programme while leading the Heritage business line which Atkins established in 1997.


Read Janet’s interview with MOLA here.