The Living Thames


The Living Thames – a 60-min documentary on the Thames


Millions of people know the Thames, Britain’s most famous river.

Despite its fame, however, the Thames is widely misunderstood. Sixty years ago it was severely polluted. In 1957 researchers at the Natural History Museum in London declared it ‘biologically dead.’ This perception lingers. Many see the river as dead and dirty. The reality, however, is very different.

In recent years, thanks to the dedicated work of many, the Thames has made a dramatic recovery. It’s now one of the cleanest inner-city rivers in all of Europe, supporting more than 125 species of fish. Dolphins, seals and harbour porpoises return every year.

This transformation is so amazing we want to make a film about it!

The Living Thames will open people’s eyes to the linear wildlife oasis flowing through Europe’s biggest city and encourage everyone to feel part of it and join in helping to look after it.




The Living Thames: an odyssey along the tidal Thames, exploring its ever-changing ecology


Film-maker Dorothy Leiper and Amy Pryor, Programme Manager of the Thames Estuary Partnership have come together to create The Living Thames.


The Thames Estuary Partnership (TEP) works to maintain and improve the landscape of the Thames and brings in-depth knowledge and expertise to the film.

Reaching our audience 

We plan to complete The Living Thames by June 2018. In order to reach a wide audience we will submit it to film festivals at home and abroad and arrange screenings in community venues.

We’ll also give DVDs of it to schools. In this way we hope to engender curiosity in ecology, marine biology and wildlife conservation and encourage pupils to join projects where they can meet people, gain work experience and broaden their horizons.

Why we need your help 

The Living Thames is a not-for-profit film. All contributions will be used for vital costs, including crew, equipment hire, insurance, post production and entry fees for film festivals worldwide. We are simply fascinated by the wildness flowing through the heart of London and want to bring it to you!

To show our gratitude we’ve created a range of perks. We hope you will feel inspired to take us up on them! We’re pleased to say that many involve meeting you and/or including you in the film: as an extra, in the credits or by joining us on location.

Thank you for reading about the Living Thames. Hopefully you will be as excited about it as we are and become a part of it. If you do have any queries, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.


Fish Identification Course – Sponsor for £75

For £75 you can take part in a fascinating half-day Fish Identification Course taught by an aquatic consultant on the foreshore in London. TEP and SC2 will conduct a fish survey using seine nets and record the species and measurements of any fish found. You will have the opportunity to learn about their ecology and key aspects of their identification. Your name will also be included in the Thank You section of the credit sequence.

DVD – Sponsor for £15

For £15 we will send you a DVD of the film you helped to make, to share with your friends and family.

On-Screen Thank You – Sponsor for £10

For £10 you will receive a special on-screen Thank You in the credit sequence to show our sincere gratitude.

Invitation to the Premiere – Sponsor for £25

For £25 you will receive an on-screen Thank You and also be invited to the premiere of The Living Thames in London.

Associate Producer Credit – Sponsor for £100

For £100 your name will appear in the Associate Producer section of the credit sequence to acknowledge your help in making the film a reality, plus two invitations to the premiere in London.

Executive Producer Credit – Sponsor for £500

For £500 your name will appear as an Executive Producer in the credit sequence to acknowledge your huge contribution, plus a DVD of the film and two invitations to the premiere in London.