Thames Path

Thames Path City to Sea

Thames Path City to Sea

National trails are an English treasure, which take you through the most beautiful parts of England. The Thames Path is one of those trails. It runs through one of Europe’s least polluted tideways and has a rich and varied wildlife. Starting in North Kent’s grazing marshes, you can travel along the south shore to Tower Bridge, and return on the northern bank to Southend and the muddy creeks of coastal Essex.

Access along the River Thames, east of the Thames Barrier, is patchy and levels in accessibility and quality vary enormously. A  continuously linked route from the city to the sea would create better access to this unique area. This is why The Thames Estuary Partnership developed the City to Sea brochure to show how the route can become continuous and connected.

The Thames Path has a dedicated website with more information on the path, details on walks and places of interest along the path.


Thames Estuary Path Survey

To deliver The Thames Path City to Sea, The Department of Communities and Local Government developed a detailed survey which includes information about:

– the current condition of the waterfront path
– costs for developing the path into one continuous route for walkers and cyclists
– options for link paths
– solutions to path blockages

Survey documents:


01 Thames Estuary Path Survey: Introductory Pages

02 Thames Estuary Path Survey: Introductory Pages

03 Thames Estuary Path Survey: London Maps

04 Thames Estuary Path Survey: Thurrock Maps

05 Thames Estuary Path Survey: Basildon and Castle Point Maps

06 Thames Estuary Path Survey: Southend Maps

07 Thames Estuary Path Survey: Kent Thameside Maps

08 Thames Estuary Path Survey: Hoo Peninsula Maps

09 Thames Estuary Path Survey: Sheppey Maps

10 Thames Estuary Path Survey: Technical Pages