Philip Hammond Considering Plastic Tax

The Chancellor is considering a plastic tax as environmentalists call for a 30p charge on 500 ml bottles. 

The Telegraph reported that environmental charities have called for a 30p charge on plastic bottles after Philip Hammond announced the government is considering taxing single-use containers to cut litter.

The Chancellor said Britain should lead the world in ‘tackling the scourge of plastic’ in the oceans and promised to investigate how charges could reduce waste.


A four week consultation on bringing back deposit return schemes for bottles has ended and the Department of Environment is due to report back shortly. 

Iceland and the Co-op have become the first supermarkets to support a bottle deposit scheme 

In evidence submitted to the consultation, conservation groups have called for 30p to be added to the cost of plastic bottles of 500 mls or over, and 15p to those below, which would be returned when the item was recycled.


Sandy Luk, Chief Executive of the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) said: “We’ve seen how a small charge has made a big difference with plastic carrier bags, and applying this to all throwaway plastics would lead to a significant drop in damaging plastics getting into our streets, rivers and seas.’

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