Plastic Ocean Festival

Sink or swim? A global issue at home in London

Plastic pollution in the oceans is a growing, global problem but it can also be found right here at home in London in our own waterways.

The Plastic Ocean Festival aims to promote public awareness and to understand the damaging effects of plastic pollution in our waterways and oceans; encourage individual and group action to refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle plastic by starting at home in London. 

To do this it showcases a series of free public events from April to September 2017 in London incorporating stand up paddleboarding and waterway clean-ups with screenings of documentary films and discussions from scientists.

It has been organised by the London based watersports group, Active 360, the NGO’s Watertrek and the Plastic Oceans Foundation (UK), as well as scientists at Brunel University London.

Click here to view information about upcoming events.  


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