Please Help Distribute Our Award Winning Documentary – The Living Thames

We are delighted that The Living Thames won the long form category at the Charity Film Awards in April and we now need your support to get this remarkable film to a wider audience, including schools.  

The Living Thames was funded by voluntary donations, from individuals, companies, schools and charities. Many TEP members and supporters helped by giving generously and by buying tickets for our fundraising boat trips in the Thames Estuary.

Sir David Attenborough introduces the one hour documentary and Chris Baines, TEP’s president, narrates the journey from Teddington to the sea in a celebration of the numerous stakeholders involved in the Thames Estuary.  


 “We want to open people’s eyes to how truly remarkable the tidal Thames is, and how crucial it is for connectivity, biodiversity, wildlife and migrating species,” said Amy Pryor – Programme Director at TEP.

“We also want to encourage everyone to feel part of the Thames, and to join in helping to look after it to ensure its continued vitality.”

We’re now working hard to reach the widest possible audience. We are contacting schools in London, Kent and Essex to offer them a digital copy to show in geography classes, applying to film festivals worldwide, and helping to organise community screenings all over the Tideway.

This is why, once again, we need your help! Please give what you can to help us cover distribution expenses (including film festival entry fees, exhibition copies, venue costs etc.) so that we can take every opportunity to show the wonder of the linear wildlife oasis flowing through Europe’s biggest city.


Click here to watch the full film and click here to donate.