CaBA sees progress with evidence-based catchment plans

The Catchment Based Approach (CaBA) newsletter for March 2017 reported that over 60% of river catchment partnerships were represented at three workshops held earlier this year in London and across England.

The CaBA is community led and encourages collaborative working to help improve water environment throughout river catchments across England and along the Welsh borders.

It promotes the sharing and adoption of best practice in catchment planning, delivery and evaluation.

CaBA community partnerships, in over 100 Water Framework Directive river catchments, bring together over 1500 public and private groups – farmers’ bodies, local authorities and water companies.

The the workshops found that 95% of partnerships now have a catchment plan which uses evidence and defines interventions through specific projects. Over 90% either already have, or plan to use, flood risk and climate change in catchment planning and delivery.

To date only 50% have started to monitor, measure and adapt interventions. Many of the requests for help are about management and the use of data and mapping tools.