Dredging Forum

The Dredging Forum provides a platform to discuss dredging operations on the tidal Thames. The forum meets quarterly and is chaired by Katherine Harris, Director at Harris Holden Ltd. If you are interested in becoming a member and would like to attend meetings please e-mail TEP .

The objectives of the Dredging Network are to:
  1. provide an advisory function to the dredging legislative process
  2. consult on PLA dredging applications
  3. inform DLG members on current dredging notices and dredging applications.
  4. facilitate presentations on:
    .       legislative requirements and best practice guidelines;
    .       dredging methodologies;
    .       hydrodynamics and sediment transport;
    .       environmental impacts of dredging; and
    .       other individual expertise.
  5. share relevant data
  6. encourage use and understanding of the Port of London Authority’s
    Dredging Spatial Information System (DSIS).
  7. identify common research needs and facilitate their development.
  8. encourage collaboration and co-ordination between DLG members to develop dredging schemes and disposal options.
  9. encourage the beneficial re-use of dredged materials by discussing and promoting the
    different options available.

Dredging Liaison Group members:

Dredging Forum Meeting Minutes