Dredging Liaison Group

The Dredging Forum provides a platform to discuss dredging operations on the tidal Thames. The forum meets quarterly and is chaired by Katherine Holmes, Director at Harris Holden Ltd. If you are interested in becoming a member and would like to attend meetings please e-mail us.

The objectives of the Dredging Network are to:
ObjectivesHow will this be achieved?Lead organisation(s)
1. Awareness raising

Share information within the DLG on dredging to improve understanding of dredging.

Invite speakers to give presentations at each DLG meeting. Cover a wider range of topics encompassing: dredging methods and emerging technologies; emerging legislation relating to dredging; environmental/social aspects of dredging; monitoring of dredging activities; use of dredged material etc.
2. External communication and awareness

Raise awareness and improve understanding/education of dredging amongst the Thames stakeholder community, tying into existing networks such as the Central Dredging Association.
Organise dredging-related events (or sessions at wider events) through the TEP network.

Write articles for TEP publications.

3. Consultation

Inform DLG members of current and planned dredging activity on the Thames.
Provide a consultation mechanism for dredging applications received by the Port of London Authority and Marine Management Organisation.
Circulate details of dredging activity and applications as received.

Circulate summary in advance of DLG meetings.

Include a standing item in the DLG agenda to discuss.
Port of London Authority
4. Planning

Provide a consultation mechanism for Port of London Authority’s notifications of up-coming dredging activities.
Discuss future dredging projects not yet in the licensing system.
5. Research

Identify common research needs and facilitate their development.

Appoint UCL as a research champion.

UCL to give updates at DLG meetings on relevant current research, and potential future research projects and funding opportunities for dredging-related topics.
6. Beneficial use

Encourage the beneficial use of dredged materials by promoting the different options available.

Appoint a beneficial use champion for the DLG.

Identify relevant initiatives and seek ways to collaborate with project developers.

Dredging Liaison Group members:

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