Queen’s Barge Master Enthuses About Thames And His River Career

Chris Livett is a board member of the Thames Festival, the Queen’s Barge Master and Managing Director of Livett’s Group.  Below are a couple of snippets from an interview with him on the festival’s website where his enthusiasm for the river shines through.


“Why do you think river culture and creativity is important?

For me I think the river is part of your spirit, water is part of the spirit. Often the river is seen as a boundary between north and south or communities across London. I see it not as a boundary but as an artery that runs through the city. It can promote culture, open people’s minds, and this culture can get people to understand what the river is doing there, it can really feed into the creative juices of people and get them to think outside the box. It’s a great educator. It can show how important the Thames is to London, show what a marvellous open space it is. All of that is about human beings and relationships and communication – and it’s a great platform to use to get those things right.


How would you describe the River Thames?

Wow, how long have you got? For me it’s my life, for London it’s a life blood, without it London wouldn’t be London. For Londoners it’s a very, very precious asset that we should all relish, support and enjoy. It is London’s biggest open space, it is London’s colour.  It is London’s vibrancy. It means so much to people who have worked on it, who have lived on it, who still live on it, who have sailed from it, sail into it, left England, come back from other parts of the world. It’s so dynamic, so versatile, ever changing – it’s raw Mother Nature.”


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