Raynsford Planning Review Interim Report – Last Chance for Feedback

The review team is seeking a final round of feedback on the Interim Report’s nine propositions by Monday 16 July. 

Please email RaynsfordReview@tcpa.org.uk with your responses, clearly identifying your details. 


The Raynsford Review of Planning has been set up to identify how the government can reform the English planning system to make it fairer, better resourced and capable of producing quality outcomes, while still encouraging the production of new homes.

It will be informed by a task force chaired by former planning minister Nick Raynsford. The core task force is made up of academics, politicians, policy makers and consultants. These ten members will work throughout the review to represent the values of stakeholder groups and ensure that the process remains focused and independent. 


Evidence will be collected over an 18-month period (beginning in late June 2017) and a final report published in late autumn 2018.

Click here for more information on the review and to access the interim report.


External Sources

TCPA website: Raynsford Review of Planning