Responsible Pubs Campaign Tackles Plastic Pollution in Thames

Active360 is part of the team spearheading a campaign to encourage pubs to stop using single use plastic. Active360 plans to work with riverside pubs and bars to advise and support in the implementation of operational changes that will tackle the problem at its source, by reducing the use of the most problematic plastic items.  The aim is to establish a nationally recognised ‘responsible pub scheme’, to which both independent and chain retailers will wish to be associated. 


The campaign has already gained support from many influential individuals and organisations including; comedian Bill Bailey, Tideway, WaterTrek, TotalSUP, Thames Estuary Partnership, Plastic Ocean Festival, as well as industry catering consultants and pub owners.  The group already have 13 pubs interested in trialling early initiatives, and are currently pursuing discussions with Sadiq Khan and Fullers brewery.


Significant change will inevitably take time, especially considering pub landlords understandable desire to maintain customer service and quality.  However, with similar initiatives run by organisations such as the Sustainable Restaurant Association (, complimenting an increase in customer awareness of plastic pollution issues, it’s an exciting time for change.


This is an ongoing campaign, still in its formative stages If you can contribute in any way, or would like more information, please contact Active360 via the website or using 

Click here to see a short film that provides background to the thinking behind this project.