Take Part in Water Management Survey

The WaterCoG team want to hear from you about approaches to water management in your country.

WaterCoG is an EU-funded international project looking at how water is managed, sharing knowledge and striving for a balance between top-down and bottom-up. The WaterCoG team have created a survey in English, German, Danish, Dutch and Swedish to gain a detailed cross-section of opinions and approaches towards the management of water.

If you are a Farmer, an NGO, private business, in academia, a water company, a member of civil society, a public authority, or are interested in water management, the team would love to hear your opinions.

A survey is now being run across all countries involved in the project until Friday 29 June. The results will not only be used as part of the project, but for the first time ever, will give a snapshot of the opinions of a massive pool of users, to help steer how we manage water here in the UK. Click here to access the questionnaire.


External Sources

WaterCoG website: Water Management Survey