Totally Thames Festival: Tour of the Tidal Thames

Date(s) - 23/09/2018
10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Tower Millennium Pier


The Thames Estuary is one of the most iconic rivers in the world, famous for winding its way through London and the integral role it played in making the city what it is today.

Very few people are aware that the river is teeming with life beneath its murky waves or think about how it links us directly to the coast and the ocean. London is a coastal city, a coastal capital. With over 125 species of fish and marine mammals including dolphins, two species of seal and harbour porpoise, it is one of the most important migration routes and wildlife corridors in the country. As an estuary, it is also one of the most biodiverse habitats in the UK. 

Courtesy of City Cruises, we will embark on a journey downstream from Tower Pier going as far as we can and back within three hours. On board, three experts within their field – Amy Pryor, Programme Manager of the Thames Estuary Partnership; Steve Colclough, Marine & Freshwater Fisheries Expert and Fiona Haughey, Thames Archaeologist, will join you and provide informal commentary.  

Learn about the biodiversity and history of the Thames, landside developments, intertidal habitat creation, fisheries and plastic pollution whilst passing the famous sites of London. 

This is not just your regular tourist boat trip. Alongside viewing the tourist attractions, you will gain insight into the living, working river and the key impacts and issues facing us today and hopefully spot a glimpse of some of the more elusive wildlife!


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