Our Team

Pat Fitzsimons | Director

Originally from America, Pat has worked in London for many years heading up charities.She specialises in giving organisations a new lease of life by quickly finding a new way forward. Pat’s background is in business, economics, community development and regeneration. She always has her eye on the bottom line and thrives on developing new partnerships, projects and ideas.

A Freeman of the City of London, Pat’s goal at TEP is to form partnerships with businesses, voluntary and community sector organisations and local residents to make lasting improvements to the Thames.

So please get in touch with Pat for Thames related projects and programmes.

p.fitzsimons@ucl.ac.uk | Tel. 020 7679 8855

Amy Pryor | Programme Manager

Amy forged her career in marine and estuarine ecology and biology, fisheries and conservation. She has a BSc in Marine Biology and an MSc in Aquatic Science. She started her career monitoring deep sea fisheries in the North East Atlantic and in the South Atlantic for MRAG Ltd, a UK consultancy.

Amy has co-ordinated global projects for the Zoological Society of London. She conducted stakeholder engagement and socio-economic assessment for the University of Kent’s Balanced Seas Marine Conservation Zone Project for South East England.

Amy is skilled at project design and delivery, stakeholder engagement, research and conservation.  Her interest in fisheries and community resource management are well catered for at TEP where she manages water quality and river health projects.

Contact Amy about the North Thames FLAG, River Basin Management Planning, Coastal Partnership Network, green infrastructure and intertidal habitat, flood defence, water quality, fisheries and biodiversity.

a.pryor@ucl.ac.uk | Tel. 020 7679 8855

Michelle Ballantyne | Finance Manager 

A qualified Accounting Technician with over 26 years experience of working within a finance department for both profit and not for profit organisations in the UK.  She is a results-orientated senior Finance Manager, offering a solid background of experience in helping charities and businesses develop comprehensive and robust financial systems.

Michelle has created cost effective and practical solutions to improve decision making and create a proficient working world. She is innovative and organized with an ability to get on with the team, thanks to good communication and negotiation skills.

m.ballantyne@ucl.ac.uk | Tel. 020 7679 8855