Thames Facts



Living in London, we all cross, sail or walk along the Thames more often than we probably realise. For some it is part of the daily commute, for others a place of relaxation. As big a part of your daily life the river might be, I bet you didn’t know these fun facts about the Thames.

Thames Facts

  • 346km (215 miles) long
  • The source of the Thames is about 1 mile north of Kemble near Cirencester
  • The flood plain area is around 896 sq Km
  • The first bridge was built 2000 years ago on the site of London Bridge
  • 126 fish species have been found in the Thames

The Tidal Thames facts:

  • 350 sq Km land
  • 55 sq Km of designated habitat sites
  • 1.25 million residents
  • more than 500,000 homes
  • 40,000 commercial and industrial properties
  • more than 3100 hectares of sensitive heritage sites
  • 400 schools
  • 16 hospitals
  • 8 power stations
  • about 1000 electricity substations
  • 4 World Heritage sites: Palace of Westminster and Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, Maritime Greenwich and Royal Botanic Gardens Kew
  • 167 km railway
  • 35 tube stations
  • 51 Rail stations
  • 300 km of Roads