Tony Pidgley, developer of Woolwich Arsenal, on London’s housing crisis

The successful housing developer, Tony Pidgley, who earned £21.5m from his Berkeley Homes firm in 2015/16, says he has the answer to London’s housing crisis – don’t stifle home builders with red tape.

He told newspaper CityAm in an interview: “The only way you can get more properties [built] in the UK is by more production, that’s the answer to the housing crisis.”

He believes that property developers are held back by bureaucracy, “When a house builder like me, who has been building houses for half a century, submits a planning permission, I should be in accordance with all the rules. If I break the rules, fine me. But take out the red tape and bureaucracy.”

One of the Berkeley projects of which Tony Pidgley is most proud is the 88-acre Thames-side development of 5,000 new homes at Woolwich Arsenal, the one time military hub on the south side of the estuary opposite the Royal Docks.

The mammoth project got underway in 2000 and should be completed by around 2030. So far 2,500 dwellings have been built and a kilometre public river walk way is in place. Royal Arsenal will be a Crossrail stop in 2018.