Tour Leading Examples of High-density Green Urban Regeneration – Greenwich Ecology Park and East Village Stratford

Half day walking tour and discussion on the benefits of nature based solutions in urban design, exploring two leading examples of high-density green urban regeneration at Greenwich Peninsula and the East Village Stratford. The tour is on 25 May, 9am-1.30pm.

There is a strongly growing emphasis in policy and practice on the links between urban green design and benefits in terms of health, productivity and economic outcomes. This tour, which will be led by Dr Mike Wells, an ecological designer and founding director of Biodiversity by Design Ltd, will discuss the opportunities and challenges of this approach to design and regeneration.


Greenwich Peninsula

Source: Urban Land Institute

A key informing theme of the redevelopment was the ‘re-greening of Greenwich’. When developing the landscape masterplan the phrase ‘High Density Man needs High Density Nature’ became a project mantra informing all aspects of the design.

Greenwich Peninsula has been described as “an exemplar of landscape design as urban structure for a new community and urban quarter. Over a sixth of the site has been dedicated to parkland and public open space. Central Park, Ecology Park and Southern Park provide an interconnected and balanced network of routes and green spaces within a high-density residentially-led development.”


East Village Stratford

Source: Urban Land Institute

The Athletes’ Village was designed to accommodate athletes from the 2012 Olympics but from the outset as legacy landscape for long-term residential use.

Targets were set for the creation of priority habitats and priority species under various biodiversity action plans.  The resultant scheme involved the creation of cumulatively significant habitat areas in an urban context including six waterbodies, grass and heathlands as well as extensive woodland.


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