UK Marine Social Science Research and Practice – Survey

The aim of this project is to conduct a review of current marine social science research activity and capacity across the UK; the survey is open until 11 January.

As management of our global seas and coastlines becomes ever more complex, there is a growing call for improved integration of social sciences within marine and coastal decision making. 

Recent high-profile campaigns and media coverage have triggered an unprecedented out-pouring of public awareness and concern for our seas, and more specifically, how societal behaviour is impacting them.

In order for global efforts to better manage both marine and coastal systems to be successful, there is a need to first better understand the complex relationships between society and the sea and in understanding social interactions with the seas, the factors that influence these relationships and examine how this growing field of research can contribute meaningfully to the development of effective marine and coastal policy and planning.

With increasing recognition of the value of this research from Government, and working with Defra, this project seeks to conduct a review of current marine social science research activity and capacity across the UK, identify key themes expected to include ocean literacy, blue growth, the values associated with the UK’s marine and coastal environment, and fisheries to name just a handful. 

Additionally, this work will highlight evidence gaps and support the development of future priorities for Defra, the wider UK government, the devolved administrations and the social science research community more broadly. 

The questionnaire should take no longer than 20 minutes to complete.  If you have any questions or would like more information on the project, please contact Dr Emma McKinley on
Please click here to complete the questionnaire.