Wind Power

Peter Yates



There aren’t many more exhilarating sights than a Tall Ship, fully rigged, sailing majestically down the Thames. So what about 35 of them creating a striking and stately flotilla?


Yes, the Tall Ships Race is back and the precursor, at the Greenwich Yacht Club, is the Tall Ships Regatta when on the 16th April Thames-siders can view the majestic Parade of Sail at approx.1700


This highly anticipated event will offer a priceless opportunity for visitors to step aboard many beautiful tall ships from across the world before they depart on the first leg of the race to Portugal, prior to crossing the Atlantic to Bermuda.


But what about the Bermuda Triangle? – I hear you ask. Believe me, if you can sail one of these beauties you can take on anything! Come and find out on April 16th.



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